Laboratory Equipments and Their Safety Tips

Laboratory apparatus or tools are mostly used in the medical laboratory, hospital, or medical institutions. Bunsen burner, gauze, water bath, pipettes, syringe, beaker, scales, measuring cylinders, clamp stand, spatula, spotting tile, thermometer, universal indicator paper, stop watch, pestle and mortar are some common types of lab apparatus. Labwares are usually manufactured and designed for specific tasks such as measuring, heating and mixing. For instance, glass flasks are used to combine, heat and store liquids. There are various types of lab equipment designed for specific tasks such as measuring, heating and mixing. For diagnostic purposes and treatment of medical conditions, different types of lab equipment are used. Microscope is one the most used lab tools in a medical laboratory. There are different types of microscopes like fluorescence microscopes, laboratory microscopes, stereo inspection microscopes and educational microscopes.

Many different types of laboratory equipments and labwares are being used by scientists that lead to medical breakthroughs and most of them are available on the internet. Apart from new equipments, used laboratory tools have become very popular these days, and there are many buyers that are searching for quality used lab equipments. The Internet has sourced as an easy access avenue to find all kinds of equipments used in laboratories – whether used or new. There are many medical laboratory equipment and labware manufacturers and suppliers in the global market.

Important thing that one must understand that medical laboratories contain a lot of dangerous equipment, chemicals and biological hazards that have the potential to cause serious injury or even death. Below-mentioned are some basic precautions tips that one must consider while using any laboratory apparatus.

Wear lab dress

Always wear laboratory dress properly when in the laboratory. Put on the appropriate protective gear. Never forget to attire a lab coat while conducting experiments in a laboratory. Suggestion – Female population should avoid wearing dangling jewelry, clothes with long, flowing sleeves, loose baggy clothing or have free-flowing hair while present in labs. In addition, make sure that you are wearing shoes with closed toes to protect the toes in case of accidental spills or broken glass.

Dispose-off broken labwares immediately

Make sure to check glassware lab equipments like tubes and flasks for hairline cracks before use; if there are any cracks, discard the item. And if you find a broken piece of glassware, wear gloves and use a pan and brush to sweep the glass to avoid accidental cuts.

Clean them properly

Before using any laboratory equipments for an experiment, wash them first to remove any remaining residue from a previous experiment to avoid any kind of reaction with on-going experiment. Clean the equipment thoroughly with soap and water for basic cleaning and then rinse it with acetone to remove traces of organic materials including soap residue.


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  1. sychem says:

    For the long life of laboratory equipments, their safety and maintenance is required of high level.

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    This is really good blog thanks for sharing this Safety Tips information.


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