Laboratory Equipment – Recertified Devices An Appropriate Choice For Tight Budget

Brand new medical laboratory equipment for research facilities does not come cheap. Recertified devices can be therefore a perfect solution to reduce initial investment. Equipment which is returned to the manufacturer because of various reasons such as order cancellations or damage is defined as recertified laboratory equipment. Before reselling these devices, they undergo stringent quality checks and maintenance to restore their superior performance and appearance. Elaborating the aforementioned point that these devices go through revamping processes under the supervision of trained, certified and experienced technicians, it is therefore valid to say that recertified devices would meet your entire requirements and expectations. During the process, all flaws are rectified and equipment is renovated to original brand specifications. Additionally, sometimes non functional parts are replaced with new parts and then these devices are recertified for sale after a strict quality check. Below mentioned are some core reasons why choosing recertified equipment can be a sound decision.

Why Recertified Devices?

  • Efficiency: Recertified devices deliver the same efficiency as the brand new devices.
  • Cost: Compared to new products, recertified devices come at a cheaper price with all the technical specifications and features just as the brand new ones.
  • Status: If you cannot afford branded devices, this is one way to invest them at a marginally low cost. This will also enhance your laboratory status symbol.
  • Warranty and after sale service: Recertified devices carry with them the benefits of warranty and after sales services, so investing in them makes your purchasing decision full proof.

What to consider when you invest in recertified laboratory equipment

  • Even though they undergo stringent quality check processes, make sure you personally make it a point to evaluate the consistency, accuracy and durability of the product yourself.
  • The whole reason to invest in recertified devices is less initial investment. Keep that in mind and evaluate the difference in price between the recertified and original equipment.
  • You should always demand for after sale services and warranty and spare part supply.
  • Reputed suppliers provide customized services, repair and maintenance support for the devices they sell. Make sure you take the maximum benefit from such services, as these services help a great deal to restore the good working condition of the equipment.

Find a Reputable Dealer – Make or Break decision choice.

A reputable supplier will ensure that the equipment in demand meets with every functional requirement of your laboratory or research facility. In addition to that, renowned suppliers usually have factory trained technicians, who take care of the reconditioning process. Besides the excellent price they offer for recertified devices, you could also take an advantage in areas such as quick and time bound maintenance, on-site repair preferences, safe delivery, customer support, etc. Nowadays, most of the renowned suppliers maintain a large inventory of each device with its specifications, advantages, and warranty options, etc. on their websites. One could compare and choose the appropriate model by thoroughly investigating every single option on their website.


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